Cannibal Galaxy: A Love Story

A New Play by Charise Greene
Directed by Jenn Haltman

New Ohio Theatre
New York, NY
June 8-17, 2018

It’s business as usual at the Washington D.C. Science Museum where the employees’ personal lives keep getting in the way. Jo wants a child but is unable to secure an inseminator. Chet longs to make love, but dating kinda sucks and gaming is way more awesome. Claire searches for purpose by digging directly toward the center of the earth. Vadim prioritizes the needs of others but wouldn’t know his own if they crawled into bed with him. Eloise lives in a treehouse and brushes her teeth with space particles. When chaos ravages a perfectly average day, these co-workers are flung into a cosmic galactic shift, rearranging their internal cartography. In these desperate times, Cannibal Galaxy: a love story is a new play about how we keep breathing as America eats itself alive.


“Jenn Haltman’s direction of this interesting work is highly inventive. Her use of spatial relationships between animate and inanimate elements is simply brilliant. I loved the way she used the space at the New Ohio Theatre creating worlds within worlds and the unexpected ways that she broke the fourth wall – constantly expanding the universe of the play and its characters. Her vision for the piece is evident in each masterful moment and the attention to detail of the emotional through line.”Jacquelyn Claire, Stage Biz

“Director Jenn Haltman and her team use this unique script as an impetus to create an unusual and innovative theatrical experience that stays in your memory long after the lights come up.”Adrienne Urbanski, Theatre Is Easy


Creative Team

Scenic Design: Tim McMath, Costume Design: Sarah Thea, Lighting Design: Kate Bashore, Sound Design: Fan Zhang, Projection Design: Yana Birÿkova, Original Music: Jerzy Jung, Props Design: Maya Lin-Bronner, Production Stage Manager: Jonathan Castanien


Jason C. Brown, Robin Galloway, Olivia Oguma, Dominic F. Russo, Becca Schneider, and Jo Yang