By Charles Mee
Directed by Jenn Haltman

Gowanus Loft
Brooklyn, NY
May 7-17, 2015

Surrounded by complicated and chaotic relationships, Tessa wonders if she’s prepared to fall in love with James - who is sure he's fallen in love with her. In the delightfully whimsical and heightened world of  Summertime, lovers, family, and friends tempt and attempt long-lasting romance, forever questioning whether it’s possible at all.


Expertly directed by Jenn Haltman...Summertime feels less like a performance and more like an evening at your hip friend’s loft in Brooklyn, with everyone basking in the warmth of a shared nostalgia, understanding each other and staying hopeful that eventually it’ll all turn out okay. The cast is well-assembled and full of energy...Haltman shows great skill at direction, forging elegant pictures with diagonal staging and nuanced scene work.”
— Cory Conley, nytheatre now


Creative Team

Scenic Designer: Tim McMath, Lighting Designer: Drew Florida, Sound Designer: Ien DeNio, Costume Designer: Kima Baffour, Music Consultant: Jerzy Jung, Production Stage Manager: Rebekah Small, Creative Director: George Del Barrio


Sergio Mauritz Ang, Spencer Aste, Josh Doucette, Sevrin Anne Mason, Hubert Point-Du Jour, Becca Schneider, Will Shaw, Liz Wasser, and Sheilagh Weymouth